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Lin Lis (42) wearing Chinese Army helmet behind the scenes of Rosana Broadway show in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Lin is a construction and repairing worker for already 5 years. He likes his job and surroundings. It is his first time trying on something from the theater wardrobes, he feels very different and likes it.

Kevta Chhea (16) wearing a Vietnamese traditional dress behind the scenes of Rosana Broadway show in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Kevta works as a costume dresser for 6 months together with her mother. She goes to school during day time. She really likes working backstage, never tried on any costumes at the theater but always wanted to. She would love to try more if she could.

Benjie Cabanilla (34) from Pasay city, Philippines on the stage of Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino Theater in Manila. He wearing a hat from one of the performances of Tanghalang Philipino productions and sitting on a bicycle from the "Eurydice" play directed by Loy Arcenas. Benjie works behind the scenes for already 7 years. Being a stage hand before he is a board man or a lights man now. His responsibility is programing the lights control remote and focusing stage lights. During the show he is at the tech booth focusing and changing lights according to the queues that stage manager gives him.
He also works as a freelance lights designer at another theater.
Once during the performance a black out happened. The actor was singing and then the light was suddenly totally gone for about 3 minutes. During this time he had to use the emergency electricity generators producing a work light so the show could go on.
Benjie never wanted to perform himself and feels better helping the show happen behind the stage.
He has chosen this items because wearing this kind of hat makes him feel rich. At least for a moment. And bicycle reminds motorcycling that he likes a lot.

Molina Khem (23) wearing a Khmer traditional costume behind the scenes of Rosana Broadway show in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Molina works as a costume dresser for 4 years. She likes working backstage but never had a chance to try anything on. She is feeling very different in this new role.

Gee Pelaria (23) from Mandaluyong city, Philippines wearing a wedding dress of Eurydice from "Eurydice" play by Loy Arcenas on the stage of Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino Theater in Manila. She is a head stage manager in Tanghalang Philipino productions for already 2 years.
Gee has chosen this costume because she likes the leading actor – M. Orpheus and Eurydice are getting married in the play. "There is a scene when Orpheus is wearing the tuxedo and Eurydice is in the wedding dress, they are dancing. Every time M. goes on the stage I'm saying saying: Oh my God, he is so handsome! And people around are like: Gee, come on! I want to be his bride in real life, but unfortunately he is gay. I still like him. He knows it but thinks this all is just a joke." After the photoshoot M. wore a tuxedo and they made a "wedding" picture hugging each other. Gee's dream partly came true.
At the theater Gee coordinates everybody involved in the production, controls the schedules of performances and rehearsals, costumes, sets. During the show she is in the tech booth operating the computer. As a head stage manager Gee has her own script with lights and sounds queues noted. Every show is different for her. There is no the same one. She always have to be attentive in case something happens and be ready to react. She especially likes how this job connects her with new people every three months when production changes – new director, staff, actors. The hardest production she was involved in was the one with a very strict director. He easily got annoyed with simple things and shouted at all of the stuff every time when something went wrong. Not respecting other people's jobs.
Gee is a graduate of the theater arts course, but doesn't act any more and doesn't want to. Considers acting is not for her. "There is something in being a stage manager that I don't feel when acting. I'm much more happy with working behind the stage," – she says.

Faese Ar-Rayyan (33) wearing the costume of national hero Hang Jebat on the stage of Panggung Bandaraya theater in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Faese works as a stage manager for 4 years. He has chosen this costume because he needs more strength to take care of his paralyzed father and elderly mother. He doesn't mind sacrificing himself, but wants his family to be happy.

Juliana C. Estillev (52) wearing the costume from the "Swan Lake" ballet behind the stage of Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila. She is a costume mistress for 3 years. Juliana has chosen this dress because it reminds her Cinderella. And whenever she looks good her husband says that she looks like Cinderella. Wearing dresses like this was only her dreams before. She didn't know she can look so pretty.

Albino Abendano (43) from Eastern Samar, Philippines behind the scenes PETA (Philippines Educational Theater association) Theater in Manila wearing the part of the policeman costume from "CareDivas" musical. He is a part of light technical crew. During the performance he is responsible for a certain spot light in the upper area of the theater. Albino is a freelance worker by call. When he is not involved in production in PETA he is a tricycle driver back in his province. With this job at the theater he can support his family at home and has a chance to enjoy the show. Before he was also a stage hand at PETA - the person who changes props on stage between the scenes.
Albino has chosen this costume because he was dreaming to become a policeman when was young. But never had this chance because didn't have money to go to college.

Santu Mondal (24) wearing the bengali traditional costume and a Tagla drum holder (on his head) in the Panchasayar school auditorium in Kolkata, India. Santu is a lights man for 4 years and enjoys contributing with theatre groups. He would like to perform on stage himself but always too busy with his own work. He has chosen these attributes because this kind of costume is a clothes only for special occasion in his family. He put a drum holder on his head because thought it would be an interesting way to exploit this thing.

Joann Requiestas (37) from Quezon City, Philippines on the stage of Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino Theater in Manila wearing a costume of the helper from "Mabining Mandirigma" play. She is working backstage for 10 years since graduation from the University. Now Joann is an assistant production manager at Tanghalang Philipino company. She once had to act in one show. The director just didn’t want to hire anybody from aside not to extend the budget. But it was a very small part with no words, 30 seconds on the stage. Joann thinks she has a stage fright, she always has a hard time memorizing the scripts properly.
She likes the adrenaline of behind the stage during the performance. And wants to surprise the audience by what they can do. «People don’t see and know what we are doing here and how everything works. We are like the magicians of the show».
Joann has chosen this costume because it associates with the work she is doing in the real life: «Backstage workers are the helpers of the theaters. We are doing what director tells us to do. But not to the point that they are better. We are not slaves. It’s a collaboration. Everybody is doing the job for the common goal».

Pheng Long (49) wearing a costume of the bodyguard of Cambodian Temple behind the scenes of Rosana Broadway show in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Pheng works as a decoration set’s mover for 3 years. He have chosen it because used to be a security guy in one organization before starting to work at the theatre. He feels happy to get this opportunity and try something on, it’s lots of fun.

Soeun Mom (42) wearing a mask from chai yam costume behind the scenes of Rosana Broadway show in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Soeun's job is to move backgrounds during the show. He works behind the scenes for 4 years. He didn’t think about trying something on before. It is difficult to breathe in this mask.