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Woman during theatrical (image) therapy in the Caslte of Doctor Baloo.

View to the old roofs of St.Petersburg from the tower in the Doctor's house.

Women exiting a tower in the Castle.

Girl in the costume of alchemist during image therapy.

The Baloo's collection of old keys in his apartment that he has been collecting in Russian villages and towns for years. Real keys are the allegory of answers to the problems (as keys to the closed doors).
The statues are the images of different emotions.

Doctor Baloo in the tower his apartment.

The portrait of Death in The Castle, that should be viewed through the mirror.

Woman in the costume of hussar during image therapy.

Dolls that were chosen by participants of current therapy. Person needs to choose any doll among dozens in the Castle. For some reason the doll usually looks alike to the person that has chosen it.

Sound therapy with Tibetan bowls that is able to reduce pain.

Man wearing a horse mask in the tower of the Castle.