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Sergey (44). Has cancer of the tongue. Used to work as a cowherd before the disease. Almost can't talk.

Tatiana (32). The nurse. She is the youngest worker of this hospital department. The salaries of the workers are extremely small. So young people usually leave to search for better job options to bigger cities.

Galina (58). Broken femoral neck. Her family can't take care of her at home. "The workers here are solid gold. Despite the conditions. They just saved me here".


Alexei. Head physician of the department. "I'm morally satisfied with my work. But the salary is so small that seems it can't be true. And sometimes I'm thinking about my future with dread. What is waiting for me after retirement? Minimal pension — 6000 rubles. How can it make me feel good?"

Lubov Anatolievna. The nurse. Worked in medical sphere for 43 years but want to quit because of the small salary and hard conditions of work at this place.

Tatiana and her husband Slava (39). Slava got a spin injure at work and lost memories of that day. His co-worker and the only witness died in that accidence. The company denies its fault and refuses to pay the full compensation. Tatiana is visiting Slava every day and stays helping to take care of him.


The empty bed at the hospital.

Mikhail. Got to the hospital after the stroke. Can't talk.


Ludmila (64). Canteen worker.

Igor (52). Was a very talented kid, after military service made a musical band with friends. They were very popular in the city and worked on banquets. At this time Igor started abusing alcohol. He has a hard life as he said, with no job. Was not in contact with his relatives for a long time. Got to this medical department after leg amputation. Igor died on the next day after our meeting.

Zhanna. The nurse. "I love my work but the conditions are tough. My salary is about 8000 rubles per month. Good that I have a husband who helps. But there are a lot of workers that are not helped by anybody. Most of the workers are at the age of retirement. Pensioners work where they could be hired. Its not a big opportunity to choose. And young people usually try to find places with higher salaries. But the city needs such department so much. There are people who would be abandoned if they stayed at home. And here they are taken care of".

Julia (41). The nurse. Of course it's hard to work in such place, where people die ver often. It happens that you became soulfully attached to some person, coming to the work shift, and the person is gone. There was a woman here and we were like sisters. And then she died. Its hard".

Opened window at the hospital. Windows are very old. They are getting sealed for winter time and can't be opened until spring time.