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Virginia Anderson (10) from Dallas, Oregon with her bunny Romeo (6 months) of «Black Otter Rex» breed she just bought at the show.

Raising rabbits for 3 years and now has 34 rabbits of 5 breeds.
«I have a rabbit called Minerva. She is my favorite because when I get sick I get her and cuddle and she makes me feel better. For one of the shows she spent at least 20 minutes on stage in a mask of Phantom of the Opera».
Marcus Rhoden (34) from Chesaning, Michigan with his bunny Felicia (9,5 months) of «English Angora» breed.

Raises rabbits for already 17 years. Now owns 10 rabbits.
Bill Nelson (66) from Burbank, South Dakota with his rabbit of «Polish» breed.

Raises rabbits since 1983. Now has about 60 animals. And its too many for him to give them names. The number of this one is DL11.
Calvin Dow (13) from Orting, Washington with his bunny.

Raises rabbits for 3 years. Don't give names to animals. Now there are 60 rabbits in their family.
Catherine Sandy (12) from Richland, Washington with her guinea pig Susan of «White crested» breed.

Started breeding 3 years ago after her sister. This is her first convention and show. Now has 15 guinea pigs.
«With breeding and working with animals I learned how not to be scared of what people think of you».

Although ARBA is mostly oriented on rabbits breeding, they represent cavies (guinea pigs) too.
Tommy Bentley from Camas, Washington with his bunny Ozwald of «Dwarf Hotot» breed.

Got his first rabbit in auction for 2$, called him Ozzy Osbourne and he won at the show. Ozwald is a grandson of rabbits called Ozzy and Sharon Osbournes.
Tommy has 12 rabbits now. Loved animals for all his life, vegetarian.
«I always give names to my rabbits. Some people don't think about them like pets. But for me they are like family. And I know they always love you back».
Molly Donley-Robbitaille (37) from Kahlotus, Washington with her bunny Cobalt (5 months) of «Satin Angora» breed.

Started breeding when she was 10 years old. Now has about 50 rabbits of 5 breeds. Participates in shows up to 20 times a year.
Her favorite rabbit was Mick. He liked pizza, popsicles and playing dress-up.
Kaytlyn Starmer (18) from Fresno, California with her bunny Henry (5 months) of «Holland Lop» breed.

Got a pet rabbit in 2012 and started raising more since then. Now has 15 animals.
«At one of the shows the cage got opened and all 4 rabbits ran out. I started to cry as thought I was never going to catch them. And as I'm crying and going to get my mother, all four rabbits just started to follow me. They followed me like I was their mom».
Rob Fender (64) from Julian, California with rabbits of «Californian» breed.

Rabbits breeding was Rob's hobby in high school, he started doing it again some years ago.
Now has about 60 rabbits, names them with numbers.
Rebecca Young (16) from Kerman, California with her bunny Cromwell (8 months) of «English loop» breed.

Started rabbit breeding 1,5 years ago. This is her first convention, she participated only in local shows in California before.
«We bought Cromwell from a breeder in Florida. As soon as we got him out of the crate, he started licking us. He has a toy, he picks it up with his mouth and throws it in the air. I would describe his personality as a puppy dog».
Now Rebecca has 35 rabbits of four different breeds.
Daniel Hathaway (54) and Susan Hathaway (58) from Bandon, Oregon with their rabbits Defiance and Enterprise of «Flemish giant» breed.

Daniel and Susan are married for 34 years.
Now have 26 Flemish giants. Each rabbit weights about 16 pounds (7,5 kg). To name their rabbits they choose one letter of the alphabet and theme for each year. The letter for 2015 was "E" and the theme was ships.
Amber Read (11) from Goldendale, Washington with her bunny Doe (10 months) of «American Sable» breed.

Has too many rabbits now to count the exact amount.
Don't give names to all rabbits, only to the best ones that used for shows.
Leo Lucey (12) from Granite Falls, Washington and his favorite shoulder rabbit Captan Adorable of «Mini Rex» breed.

Breeding for already 3 years. Has 22 rabbits now.
Need some time to choose a name for rabbit, to know their personality first. Some rabbits can really hear their name, but it depends on how often you talk to them.
«Raising rabbits taught me that even a small thing can turn into really big. ARBA started as a family club and look how big is it now».
Debora Shapiro (45) from Venice, Florida with bunny called Brother (6,5 months) of «Himalayan» breed.

Doesn't participate in shows anymore but still came to convention because loves rabbits.
Jerry Fisher (73) from Martinton, Illinois with his rabbit Pat Benatar of «Champagne D'Argent» breed.

Was raising rabbits being a kid and then resumed after retirement 8 years ago. Now has about 20 animals.
Names rabbits after rock stars if considers they are going to be awesome.
Shannon Shanks (42) from Banks, Oregon with her rabbit Austin (5 months) of «Angora» breed.

Has names for all her rabbits, except those that she is going to sell, so the new owner can give them a name himself.
Choose rabbit's names after American cities. Austin's mom's name was Dallas.
Shannon raises angora rabbits for 5 years for hair spinning (yarn).
«They look funny when we shear them: it used to be this big fluffy thing and and becomes a tiny little rabbit that is hiding underneath the coat».
A Rabbit Queen 2015 Christine Toering (17) from Tucson, Arizona with her bunny Drogan (4 months) of «Himalayan» breed.

Has 20 rabbits of 5 breeds now.
Names all her rabbits after TV shows characters. Drogan is named after character from «Game of Thrones» TV series.
Rabbit King Garret Sanders (17) with his bunny Olds of «Silver Marten» breed.

Gives names only to those animals that do well. Now names rabbits after cars: Olds (after Oldsmobile), Porsche, Delta, Pinto, Malibu.
Already went with names through candy bars and sodas: Coke, Snickers, Mr. Pibb.
«It's amazing to be a King, never thought it would happen».
Would like to become a President of ARBA someday.
Peyton Brackenbury (12) from Richland, Washington with bunny of «French loop» breed.

Started breeding at the age of 6.
Her first rabbit's name is Snickers, he is now showable any more and stays just a pet.
Also raises «Dwarf hotots» breed (the one who have black rounds around their eyes) and names them after eyeliner brands: Maybelline, Unique, etc.
«Raising rabbits by myself I learned responsibility».